Digital Marketing Solutions

We offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions to companies at various levels: Whether they wish to enhance their reach to demographics not effectively covered by traditional media or reach out to markets in regions beyond their geographic boundaries.

Our skill set includes designing and hosting Corporate Websites, Planning of Geo-targeted Worldwide Online Media

Campaigns, Re-targeting, SEM, SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Strategy and Content, Mobile Apps and Mobile Media Campaigns, Design and Management of eCommerce sites, Link Building, eMail, SMS, WhatsApp Marketing, Directory Linking, Cloud Services, Analytics and Reporting, Augmented Reality for Indoor / Outdoor Applications and Hotel Booking Software.

Geo Targeting of Ads on TV Satellite Broadcasts

We are the exclusive distributors of the unique AMAGI technology that can Geo Target TV Commercials to specified markets within the satellite footprint.


International Media Representation

The division represents several prestigious media for the Arabian Gulf/Middle East region. Media Seen has excellent contacts with the Advertising Industry and important advertisers throughout the region and is hence able to tap maximum potential for each of the media represented.

Content Syndication

The division sources suitable and interesting syndicated content for the electronic media - both Radio and TV. The content can be suitably adapted for individual Channel/Station requirements.

We specialise in radio adaptations of highly rated TV programs - comedy shows, docu-dramas, criminal investigations based on actual incidents, entertainment and celebrity news, film reviews, cookery and househelp, health and fitness, astrology, etc